BlueStacks vs. Nox App Player – What will you choose?

The world of gaming is just getting better and better with every update and launch. The gaming community is growing day by day and users love to play games and stream them on YouTube.

There are many games available in the market that can be played both on your PC and mobile. Games like PUBG, COD, Apex Legends, and many more games are a treat to play on PC because of the enhanced graphics.

To play these games on your PC, you will need an emulator. Emulators are the connecting link between mobile games and PC. There are so many emulators available in the market that the user will get confused.

There are some emulators that are just a waste of time and your data pack. After testing many emulators, 2 of them passed the test with flying colors. One is BlueStacks and the second one is the Nox App player.

BlueStacks vs. Nox App Player

Here, the detail is given for both of the emulators and then you can choose which app you should download and play games on.


BlueStacks is considered as the best gaming emulator available on the internet by the users. The features offered by this emulator are far better than other similar apps and critics have great reviews of this app and this app is loved by everyone.


  • You can change your controls or you can just play with your old controls and enjoy the game.
  • External consoles like keyboard and mouse can be used in this emulator. This makes your gaming experience more likable.
  • You play the same with different accounts at the same time or play multiple games at the same time with multi-instance.
  • The macro option will give you the ability to perform the task repeatedly by recording it. Once recorded, the app will do the action itself without asking.
  • Farm mode lets you optimize your PC’s performance when running on the multi-instance.
  • Some games are in a foreign language and you cannot understand a word the character said. It offers a real-time translator for you to understand those moments.
  • High-FPS enables greater gaming experience and smoother gameplay.
  • You can show your greatest gaming moments by recording them with this emulator.

Nox App player:

The second one is the Nox player emulator. It is also one of the best emulators available for gaming on the internet. It offers so many features that it is hard to not to download this app.

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  • As the Nox player developers say, the simpler the better; the UI of this app is simple and it is well optimized.
  • Open keyboard mapping with one click and get a real PC like gaming experience.
  • This app also supports multi-instance and macro options.
  • You can feel the best mobile gaming experience on your PC with this app.

To Conclude:

Both the apps are the same and good to use but the features offered by BlueStacks are more so you can use it to meet varied needs. If you are looking for a faster emulator, you must go for Nox App Player.