Can Survivor Royale Compete with PUBG?

When we talk about online games, tons of games come in your mind if you are a battle royale, shooter, survival and action games enthusiast. Even you might have played many such games and currently trying your skills on something new but with a similar concept.

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds) is one of the top and most popular gameplay in the list of battle royale games.

After PUBG, several similar games have been released so far, giving players somewhat similar gaming experience. No matter which game you choose to play like PUBG, the aim of each game is similar, and the only difference that exists is between their graphics, theme, and conceptions.

The games developed on a similar concept to PUBG include Fortnite, Garena Free Fire, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Black Survival and many more.

When it comes to Survivor Royale and PUBG, do you think that Survival Royal can contest PUBG?

Survivor Royale is a battle royale game which is more than simply the clone of PUBG. Survivor Royale is little improved and expanded on experience in a better way.

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No doubt there are several alternatives to PUBG, but Survivor Royale has taken it to a whole new level. This game has everything to name it as one of the best alternatives to PUBG. Survivor Royale offers players an original game involving them in making their survival as long as possible or till the end to win the battle. It has many challenges at each step to survive among up to 100 players on an unknown location.

Survivor Royale, the stepchild of PUBG is not different in terms of surviving concept. If you are familiar with PUBG, you will not be surprised to know about Survivor Royale gameplay. Like PUBG, in Survivor Royale as well, you have to search for weapons and other useful supplies to survive as long as possible. The map constantly gets smaller, enabling players to get closer and closer.

You can choose to play Survivor Royale in pair or in the large squad, which add more flavors to this game style and also helps in separating it from the crowd of battle royale games. In addition to intuitive controls and vivid graphics, the gameplay allows you to use tons of weapons, vehicles and clothing options, which we think, overall, are enough reasons to highly recommend Survivor Royale to enjoy fighting for your survival by team up with your friends.

Yes, we can say that Survivor Royale can compete with PUBG in terms of graphics, mysterious map and the overall gaming experience.