Bootstrap material design

Bootstrap material design
Material design theme for Bootstrap 3 and 4

Material Design for Bootstrap is a Bootstrap 3 compatible theme; it is an easy way to use the new Material Design guidelines by Google in your Bootstrap 3 based application. Just include after the Bootstrap CSS and include the JavaScript at the end of your document (just before the </body> tag), and everything will be converted to Material Design (Paper) style.

Valera – Free Bootstrap one page template.

Valera is awesome video and parallax background Bootstrap free template.

Valera is a unique and stylish awesome Bootstrap template.Its modern one page template.You may use this awesome free bootstrap template for your next project by simple change.

Key Features:

  • Video background
  • Minimalist slider
  • Parallax background
  • Css3 hover effects
  • Portfolio carousel
  • Testimonial carousel
  • Awesome contact form
  • Share buttons