Different character to choose in Super Mecha Champions

No matter how strong you are in this gameplay, but there are a few things that matter a lot in making your battle easier and strong. Like, the character you choose for your gameplay plays a great role in your overall game strategies and performance. Moreover, in Super Mecha Champions, you can also level up your character, but for that, you have to collect enough Gold coins and upgrade your character. It also helps in increasing the health and power of your character, thus making it stronger against other players.

No doubt you can choose any character you want, but this list of characters in Super Mecha Champions will help you to know more about them as well as an idea of what to choose.

Ning is a student and is very good at athletics. Basically, she is an athletic-A student who always does her best to be the top in everything she participates in. She is also a new player in the SMC contest. She is quite easier to use.

Rom is a Former Ace Pilot and is also a senior operative; His career took a back path when he suddenly came into the list of most wanted nearly 8 years ago. He is a little difficult to use, but as you play with him, you become habitual of him.

Joanna is a teen idol who was a professional rhythmic gymnast before becoming a part of an idol group. Her appearance is a little weird for some people, so now she has become used to it.

Ivan is an underground fighter and a long time ago he was a champion in the underground Mecha fighting, but now he is missing for a long time. But many times it has been heard that Ivan is now having a daughter who has been missing from long years.

Mila is a rich spoiled girl who as a result of getting bored from her toys has now chosen a huge doll-like Mecha as her toy to be played to kill her boredom.

She is a girl from the Shimizu family, being the eldest one in the family she has always been bounded by tradition since birth, so always desire to enjoy her freedom.

Silver Deacon
He is a person from a secretive religious sector and has always been seen in the mask. The actions of Silver Deacon mostly seem to go reverse from his religion.

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