Helpful Strategies for beginners in Creative Destruction

Since Battle Royale style games have gained popularity many games have been released and have players hooked. The genre of games allows players to test their agility and their ability to strategize. They allow players to shoot opponents and build structures to defend themselves apart from allowing them to explore the detailed map and enjoy the overall experience.

The game requires some practice for players to get used to the way they need to use their weapons, like some others alternatives like PUBG or Fortnite. Apart from that, the players need to get a good idea of the map and make sure they know their way around the game. They need to know what mistakes to avoid and how to tackle players who have been playing the game for a longer duration than they have.

To make sure that the players who are new to the game and are just beginning with it are at par with their veteran opponents, they must know a few tips and tricks that will help them strategize to make sure they can defeat their enemies without being caught off guard. Here are some tips for players to follow so that they can play Creative Destruction freely-

Alert Signals

Most newcomers fail to understand the importance of the signals on the screen. There are footprints on the screen when an enemy is approaching you and they come close. This helps players make sure they are not caught off-guard and can always engage with the opponents.


If a player finds it difficult to collect loot and win a match, they need not always rely on a good gun to make sure that they kill their opponents. It is a good practice to make sure that you aim to take a headshot that will cause the maximum damage and kill the opponent instantly with only one shot being fired. This helps players who feel that the gun they are using does not cause enough damage or takes too much time to fire multiple shots or to reload.


It is a good idea to ensure that you understand the different parts of the map thoroughly before you can play the game. The towns such as Cape Town provide players with many structures to find loot and other building material apart from providing snipers with a great position to gain a bird’s eye view and other players a great way to find cover. These areas are, however, highly populated with other players and many matches end in areas like these. The other places to occupy would be the mountaintop that provides high ground to players.