Rise of Kingdoms – Best nation civilization and their tips

If you are planning to play Rise of Kingdoms, you must be familiar with choosing the best civilization which you can make your own and create your Kingdom in your own way. Here, you will get some helpful information about the best nation civilizations and their tips that will help you to experience more thrilling and interesting gameplay. Let’s continue reading this to have the right beginning in the world of Rise of Kingdoms.


The starting commander of this civilization is Scipio Africanus. In this civilization, you can increase the infantry defense, troops march speed as well as food gathering speed.

Tip – This civilization is much faster than others and can be chosen if you want to attack a lot and want to be active in the game. For the long run, speed bonuses are not great.


The starting commander of this civilization is Herman. Choosing this civilization means the increase in cavalry attack, troops training speed and action point recovery speed.

Tip – It is a perfect choice for the active player where you will get really good bonuses. You get a chance to perform additional tasks every day and can build a large army faster. You will get great bonuses for a highly offensive civilization.


The starting commander is Boudica, here you can increase archer attack, wood gathering speed as well as Ally Garrison capacity.

Tip – In this civilization, you will get more allies to be joined in your army. The idea of wood gathering is not much helpful, while you can get archer’s attack bonus.


The starting commander of this civilization is Joan of Arc. Here, your troop health, stone gathering speed and hospital speed increase to a certain percentage.

Tip – This civilization can give faster healing of your troops, thus gives you much faster potential attacks. The stone gathering is not much effective in this nation.


The starting commander of this civilization is Pelagius. Here, the cavalry defense, gold gathering speed and troops load increases.

Tip – If you want to farm a lot, you can choose Spain. The resource gathering is not useful, but this civilization is the best choice for those with farming strategies.


The starting commander of this civilization is Sun Tzu. Here, there is an increase in Troops defense, resource production and building speed.

Tip – It is the best defensive civilization, where the bonuses can easily be followed by being active and in the end, you will get a small defense boost.

Apart from these, there are other civilizations as well which you can choose based on the motive of your gameplay.