Strategy Guide to play Stick Fight:The GamePlay

Stick Fight: The Game for PC is one of the wonderful fighting games which is developed for Android and iOS devices. But, you can also play this game on your PC or Mac using the third-party software, called as the emulator. The game offers so many things to entertain players for long hours without getting bored even for a minute. If you love playing fighting games, you must try this game featuring stick figures once.

The game offers you the number of options to fight other three players in the match; you can use bare hands, swords, guns, and various other things. Like in each game, here as well, the main aim of each player to win as many matches as possible. Moreover, the game offers you an opportunity to unlock new characters, create and purchase new maps and you can also sell your maps to earn extra coins.

Here are some of the strategy tips which you must follow to win the Stick Fight: The Game.

  • Each match has a win or lose situation, you have to put the main focus on finishing with more wins than losses. So for this, you need to focus on the enemy in front of you and make a strategy to attack and kill that enemy before moving to another one.
  • When you want to attack an enemy, you can either use your finger in the middle of the joystick, drag it in the direction of the enemy, or you drag it in the direction you want to launch your attack. In some situations, rapid-fire attacks are more beneficial than holding.
  • Along with the use of movement joystick to increase the mobility, you must also use jump and block buttons to block the attacks of the enemy.
  • When you have enough coins, you can purchase new characters from the shop. These characters are not just used for cosmetic purposes but are also helpful in boosting stats that includes higher attack, health and damage reduction.
  • If you do not have coins to buy new characters, you can simply buy accessories for yourself, like hands, head or body. It will help in boosting your individuality. You can also merge new character with new accessories to maximize the stat boosts.
  • The best way to earn more coins is to visit the achievement menu and gather your rewards. If you have achievements which are yet to be completed, so look at the list and start completing them one by one.
  • When you want to buy a new map created by other players, make sure to try it once before making a final deal. Once you buy it, it will get added to the list of your maps.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to play this game in a better way.

Bonus: List of the weapons