Tips to become a good teammate in Clash Royale

Just being a good player is not enough when you are playing Clash Royale in a team. Even your single action can affect your team performance as well as your opponents. No matter what game mode you have chosen to play Clash Royale as a teammate, the synchronization with your other team members plays a great role in winning even the hardest challenge easily.

For how you can become a good teammate, you must go through these tips.

  • When there is a team to team battle, it’s just not good at all to disconnect intentionally, which may take your teammates to a complex situation.
  • You must pay attention to your gameplay instead of sending messages to your teammates with spamming emojis. It may distract other teammates.
  • You must hover your cards prior to playing them which help your teammates to get an idea of your intentions, this way you can coordinate much better with them. Always keep in mind that if you skip hovering your cards in advance, it may lead to a situation where you will get double logs and overdo on the defensive and offensive state.
  • You must be aware of your teammate’s cards which can be checked by clicking his/her nickname. It is good to see the cards before your each push or defense. This tip plays a great role in supporting each other as a team.
  • Always keep in mind that you are playing in a team mode, so never play alone. It works like one player push can easily be defended by other players. You must know what cards and how much Elixir your teammate has. So, simply wait for your teammate and attack your enemies at the same time.
  • No doubt, helping teammates in pushes works effectively in winning the battle. But, sometimes it may happen that you have an inexperienced teammate, so it does not mean that supporting every push is a right sign.
  • When you are going against more than one opponent, so have patience and never rush. Always try to play reactively because aggressive behavior may take you to the situation close to defeat.
  • Never overreact, so before trying to do anything, it is better to see what your teammate has in hands. Defending a push together may end up with giving your enemies a lot of spell value.

Always remember that playing in a team means defending each other and offending your opponents by working collectively in an effective way.