Tips to use and recover stamina in Crusaders of Light

In Crusaders of Light, getting stamina in not that easier as you think of, here, the stamina is normally used for small tasks which collectively help in progressing in the game and fight against your enemies accordingly. Here, we are going to share some tips for how to use and recover stamina in Crusaders of Light for PC. It does not require much effort, all you need to know how it actually works so that you can get the most out of your stamina.

Tips to use stamina

Fortunately, in this gameplay, stamina is used in a few ways, such as for collecting and opening chests. Also, when you want to collect a plant or any mineral in the field, you need to use your stamina to do so. Let’s get this information in some detail.

Stamina is used when you collect a plant or an ore from the node collection from the guild. It costs 10 stamina, you may find it a little unreasonable, but apart from collecting material you want, you may also get gold or other items that may be used in the late-game.

If you want to open a small treasure chest, it costs 5 stamina, while, for a large treasure chest, you will charge 10 stamina. This is quite easier to remember.

Also, when it comes to sending messages to world chat, it will cost you the 5 stamina to send one message.

So, instead of using stamina on messages, it is advised to use them on opening a chest and receiving free gold.

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Tips to recover stamina

Recovering stamina in Crusaders of Light is the most important thing that every player of this game would like to know. It is true that your stamina will not be tied to you as you progress in the game, all this is due to collecting and opening treasure chests, which is a part of the game, which you want to do. Always keep in mind that stamina does not regenerate on its own, you have to work on some activities to get them.

Keeping your stamina is not as difficult as you think; you can recover/restore your stamina with the given activities.

  • Completion of the dungeon for the first time in a day
  • Reputation granting trial quest
  • Reputation granting strange events quest
  • Preparation quest
  • Tournament Battle
  • Final challenge coliseum battle
  • Agitated elemental clear
  • Clearance of dungeon for the first time

Hopefully, these tips for using and recovering stamina will help you greatly in Crusaders of Light.