Why ShowBox? – Best Streaming App to watch HD movies

If you loved to watch movies and TV shows online, then you surely missed Terrarium TV. The shutdown of this amazing and loved app was felt by all the users. The void left by it was too big to fill.

But the shutdown of this app brought some of the best online streaming apps into the limelight. TVZion, Mobdro, Cinema APK, and ShowBox are some of the best apps for watching movies and TV shows.

ShowBox is the best amongst them in terms of services and quality it provides to the users. Users loved how huge the library of this app is. The content offered in this app is so much that users may never get bored of watching movies and TV shows.

Why ShowBox

It has interesting features that keep it ahead of its competitors. The app also gives you the option to search for any movie by applying various features that make it easier for you to search for your content without any hassle. You can also read reviews and critics’ responses on this app.

Features of ShowBox

It’s free

It’s a free download app; you don’t have to pay anything to download this amazing app. Similarly, you don’t have to pay anything to watch the online content you want. There is no hidden cost to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

Although it is a free-to-watch streaming app, users have to watch some ads while using the app.

Works great on all platforms

This app works great on PC, Android, and iPhone without any issues. Users rarely report any errors and stream movies like charm. The app is natively and officially available for Android and iOS.

For PC, you need to geek around the internet to get it working. You can search and use any Android emulator to start this app on your PC without any trouble. It works perfectly and free of error on PC, and Mac as well.

Stream your favorite source

This app lets you stream content from your favorite source. You can choose between various services to stream your favorite movie or TV show. That means if a movie is listed on a free streaming service, then the ShowBox app will find it, fetch it, and list it down for you.

User-friendly interface

This app has an eye-catching interface for Android and PC users. To find and watch your favorite movie, all you need is just a few seconds. The built-in search feature makes it easier to find movies or TV shows.

When using the app, you will find recently released movies and TV shows on the homepage. This makes it easy to search and watch movies that are worthy and outstanding.

While watching a movie, you have simple controls to navigate different settings in media players. You can control sound and video quality with just one touch.

Watch HD and Blu-Ray movies

This app gives you an opportunity to watch movies and TV shows in full HD quality and even sometimes in 4K quality. When you download this app for your PC, you can truly enjoy watching movies and TV shows on the big screen.

Huge collection of Movies and TV shows

The library this app possesses is far bigger than you think. With this movie app on your mobile, you will never go hungry in terms of entertainment.

A large database of movies and TV shows means you can now know what you are watching tonight. Movies are properly arranged in categories and you can also do a quick search.


These are some of the outstanding features this app has. It is no surprise that users will choose this app over any other app to meet their streaming needs.